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Collaborate to Create

We deliver advanced solutions to help you achieve true innovation.


We Customise Polymers

We are always innovating for our clients' needs. We value the requirements, and put our resources to iron every detail.

Our clients certify high satisfaction level throughout the process.

India's Most Trusted

Co-rotating Twin Screw Extrusion Setup

Twin Screw Extruder provides remarkable mixing capability. Our setup has only trusted brand components, making our production line reliable and free of unusual setbacks.

1800 TPA Production Capacity 

The production line has separate feeders for raw material and additives. This provides precision control over processing parameters. Thus, delivering consistent polymer grade.


Twin Screw

We Understand.

In order to provide the custom solutions, we make sure that the development is of superior quality by testing in our integrated testing lab facility. 

Each batch of material is thoroughly tested in our lab. 



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