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Nylon-6 Unfilled (Plain)

Nylon-6 Unfilled (Plain)

Nylon-6 is also known as polyamide or PA-6. This product is suitable for injection molding use. Speciality colors are available on request.

  • Why choose Nylon-6 Unfilled?

    • Strong
    • Durable
    • Elastic
    • Easy to Clean
    • Glossy
    • Resistant to Abrasions
    • Resistant to Moisture Absorption
    • Resistant to Chemicals
    • Ideal replacement for Metals
  • Conditioning for Injection Moulding

    During shipping, our waterproof packaging is tightly sealed. Depending upon the weather conditions, the material may start collecting moisture. It is thus recommended to ensure material dryness before Injection Moulding.


    Melting Point
    230–280 degrees Celsius (446–536 degrees Fahrenheit)


    Mould Temperature
    80–90 degrees Celsius (176–194 degrees Fahrenheit). The mold temperature has a significant influence on the crystallinity level of the material, which in turn greatly influences its mechanical properties. For parts which require a high degree of crystallization, like structural parts, the recommended mould temperatures are 80 – 90 degrees Celsius (176 – 194 degrees Fahrenheit). As for thin-wall parts with long flow lengths, higher mould temperatures are recommended. Although the strength and hardness will Increase with the mould temperature, the toughness will reduce. If the thickness of the wall is larger than 3 mm, we will recommend a cold mould (20 – 40 degrees Celsius / 68 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit), so as to ensure a higher and more uniform level of crystallinity.

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